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Mike Tomlin Talks About The Incident at the Future, Viral Press Conference

Steelers LB T.J. Watt (heel) misses practice

Speaking to media during exit interviews on Thursday, January 18, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin addressed rumors about his future with the organization as well as an event that went viral during a news conference earlier in the week.
“I’m in a much better mood today,” 51-year-old Tomlin declared at the start of the news conference on Thursday. He had stormed out of his AFC Wild Card Round postgame press conference when questioned about his contract predicament. Does anyone have any inquiries about contracts? Adam Schefter of ESPN reported. The seasoned coach then stated that, with one year left on his present contract, he is open to an extension and intends to return in 2024.
In addition, Tomlin revealed that he intends to go outside the Steelers organization for an offensive coordinator and According to people with knowledge of the issue, Tomlin reportedly assured his teammates that there were false reports about his possible resignation and that he would be coaching the team in 2024. These details were confirmed to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo on Tuesday, January 16. In his 17 seasons as the Steelers’ coach, the former Super Bowl champion has never had a losing record. He is currently coming off one of his most impressive coaching performances, having saved a regular season that saw offensive coordinator Matt Canada fired with a three-game winning streak and securing the seventh and final AFC playoff spot before losing to the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, January 15.
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