Just In: Rangers coach Clement Philippe has decided to take captain band away from…

The captain of Rangers FC hands up the armband.

Following a summer of introspection, the powerful Irishman decided that passing on the armband would benefit the team as a whole as well as him personally.
After consulting with McHugh and other senior players, Peter Hartley has been named the new captain of the team.

It's time for a new captain of Rangers Football Club | Ibrox Noise

He clarified, “It’s definitely not a decision I’ve taken lightly.” “I believe this is the right choice moving forward, even though it was a difficult decision to make.”But I simply feel that I wasn’t always satisfied with the consistency I displayed throughout the season. “The captaincy was affecting me in different ways,” I said. Most significantly, though, I felt that my performance [had declined] on the field.

“To be honest, I’m pretty hard on myself. After reviewing my season after the last few games, I thought this would be helpful for both the team and me going forward.”I could have just continued and played the part for an additional season. That would have been the simplest course of action. But what I’m doing right now seems to be the proper course of action.I personally feel that it is the proper thing to do, and this will benefit the team and the club as a whole. I think that this will benefit the squad, me, and my performances in general.

As a close-knit team, Pete has always encouraged me in my role as captain, and I’ll return the favor. Pete will be an excellent captain for this football team, I’m sure of it.
After the player approached to indicate he wanted to pass on the armband, McHugh and manager Stephen Robinson discussed the situation for a few weeks.
He praised the manager, saying, “I don’t think there are many managers you could probably speak to about something like this and for him to be as understanding as he was.”
“He’s been fantastic about it, and all he wanted to do was support me and move the club in the right direction.”

As the squad’s first captain since the 1950s, McHugh says he’s pleased with the part he played but that he now wants to concentrate on playing. He led the team into two cup finals.

“I can look back and be proud of that because I captained the club in two finals,” he remarked.

“Now that it’s resolved and in the open, I can concentrate on the cup matches and look forward to playing football again and having fun with it.”

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