Heartbreaking News: Patrick Mahomes leaves his partner for another lady calls her…

Please leave Brittany Mahomes alone.

The 28-year-old has attracted an outsized (and irrational) amount of online vitriol, and frankly, it’s getting old.

Leave Brittany Mahomes Alone Already

In an Instagram story on January 31, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany said, “I take rumors as a compliment. The fact that you’re bringing my name onto tables I don’t sit at shows your obsession. Stay bothered.”

Football fans had a disproportionate amount of hate for Mahomes, 28, even before Taylor Swift teamed up with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce or was the subject of incessant debate on ESPN segments. They maintain that, for whatever reason, her mere existence is a disgrace to the entire game. She’s been accused of being overly involved, noisy, and gregarious. Asking a stadium employee for directions in a tone that some found offensive is one recent example of a “transgression.” One commenter said, “Mahomes’ wife needs to get off her high horse.”

Has Mahomes done anything publicly that would justify the degree of small-minded animosity she was consistently met with? Not that I’m aware of. I’m not at all bothered by the attacks, even if she is as unaffected as she says she is. It’s getting really, really old on the internet when women—especially those who don’t want to fade into the background—are made into national punching bags.


A long-standing issue in the NFL involves fans venting their intense annoyances on a player’s spouse or girlfriend, especially if the WAG in question is well-known. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who wed Tom Brady in 2009 and divorced in 2022, was long viewed by green-eyed onlookers and New England Patriots supporters as Public Enemy No. 1. Quarterback Tony Romo’s two-year relationship with Jessica Simpson, which began in 2007, was predicted by sports analyst Skip Bayless to wreck his career. However, the amount of hate speech aimed toward Mahomes by the public appears to be greater than what I’ve seen against other WAGs. For example, the majority don’t have whole subreddits where people discuss anything from her wardrobe

The trolls attacking Brittany Mahomes recall me in certain ways of the things comparable bullies wrote about Amber Heard during the slander trial of Johnny Depp. Alternatively, going all the way back to Gamergate. Similar to Heard, a startlingly high number of individuals seem to check in daily to obsessively examine Mahomes’s actions for anything that could reasonably support their taught hatred. Pictures of Heard’s bruises were viewed as purported proof that she had inflicted the wounds on herself. Mahomes’s vocal endorsement of her husband’s NFL profession only serves to reinforce the perception among some that she is seeking greater recognition for herself.

Everything Mahomes does or says at this point is confirmation of her being “annoying,” “entitled,” and “attention-thirsty.” Mahomes has been “this annoying” since she was a teenager, as evidenced by a previously unreleased video of her being questioned about her soccer squad. Her article, which joyfully celebrates the Chiefs’ Super Bowl run, labels her as a “insufferable woman.”
It should go without saying, but for some reason, it never does, that this kind of massive, illogical public anger is typically directed towards women. To attract this kind of bad energy, a man must do something genuinely heinous, but even in that case, there are dependable people to protect the guy from the woke mob of rigid harpies who just can’t take it.

In January 2024, Swift and Mahomes went to dine in New York City.

The NFL is not a place where feminist intellectuals typically gather, thus Mahomes’s reputation has been allowed to solidify into the puddle of misogynistic clichés that it is now. Furthermore, Mahomes herself cannot rationally refute the hatred since it is illogical. She is said to be a witch. The insane woman in the attic is her. In 2013, she was Anne Hathaway. Select a metaphor.

The world could ask itself in a few years why we were all so against Brittany Mahomes in the first place. And the response will sound sadly familiar. Not a single explanation. That is, patriarchy of the garden variety.


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