JUST IN: Nottingham forest captain Joe Worall set to leave club as a result of…

McKenna and Worral plan to depart from Forest in…

Defenders Joe Worral, whose deal with Nottingham expires in June 2026, and Scott McKenna, whose deal with Nottingham expires in June 2024, may decide to leave during the January transfer window. The “Daily Mail” claims that the board has decided to keep both players off the first squad.

Worral has played just six games this season. AFP

According to the same media source, both players have been requested to train in isolation from the rest of the group by the English club. They even perform this at various times and on various pitches.

‘Daily Mail’ says that this was not a punishment for misconduct, as is typically the case in similar circumstances, but Forest has not disclosed the reasoning behind this decision. According to reports, neither of the two has a falling out with any other players or members.

The fact that they are out would suggest that Nottingham Forest wants to cut Worrall—who has only played six games this season—and McKenna, who has only played five. Perhaps they were spending their last weeks at the City Ground.

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