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WATCH: SEC Media Days: Kirby Smart’s Speech

This Tuesday is the second day of SEC Media Days. Kirby Smart is at the podium this time.

Here in Nashville, Tennessee, for this week’s SEC Media Days is Dawgs Daily. Before the 2023 college football season gets off, coaches and players from each of the 14 schools in the conference will take the platform to discuss the forthcoming season and give fans an idea of what’s in store for their program.

On the second day of media days, head coaches and players from Georgia, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Vanderbilt will speak with the media. Along with head coach Kirby Smart, Brock Bowers, Kamari Lassiter, and Sedrick Van Pran represented the Bulldogs.

Smart opened the conference with a ten-minute speaking period and spoke about his time off, the off-season, and being a leader.

“Anyone can explain the advantages of excellent leadership. There are many books written about excellent leadership, and anyone can tell you what it looks like and what it can accomplish for you. You won’t, however, hear anyone discussing the expenses of being a leader. You cannot overlook the costs if you genuinely wish to be honest about leadership. Outstanding leaders are prepared to bear those expenses.

“There are three expenses that are emblazoned on my desk: First and foremost, you will have to make difficult choices that will severely impact the people you care about; second, despite your greatest efforts to help the most people, you will be despised; third, you will be misinterpreted and you always have the right to self-defense. The three players we purchased from UGA precisely correspond to these three costs. We chose to bring them because they accept and welcome those costs; they don’t dread them.”

“Better never rest.” During his press conference, Smart unveiled that as the 2023 catchphrase. This motto will guide his Dawgs throughout the season. They don’t want “outside forces” or complacency to dictate how their season plays out.

Sedrick Van Pran, Brock Bowers, and Kamari Lassiter will be the ones after Kirby Smart’s news conference. Georgia is to be followed by Auburn and Mississippi State.

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