NEWS NOW: Which NFL free agents are the greatest right now? Chase Young and Justin Simmons are at the top.

Which NFL free agents are the greatest right now? Chase Young and Justin Simmons are at the top.

NFL free agency is underway, with the window for legal tampering opening on Monday and the new league year starting on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET.

Who are the best available NFL free agents? Justin Simmons, Chase Young lead list

Which players are the finest options available for your squad to sign? Here, we’re keeping tabs on every one of them.

As further players are released and free agents accept deals, this story will be updated. A player’s position in our rankings prior to the commencement of free agency is indicated by the number that appears before his name. No rating will be assigned to players who were discharged on March 11th or after. The dates (in parenthesis) indicate the ages as of September 5, 2024, when the season is expected to begin.

22. Justin Simmons, S, Broncos (30)

Simmons, a rare combination of size and speed among safeties, was unexpectedly released by the Broncos in relation to the cap. In addition to being an excellent tackler, he is a superb cover player. He keys and diagnoses with accuracy, displaying good foresight and responsiveness. He’s not as skilled at man-to-man coverage as he was in his early career, but he still has fluid hips and moves well in space. A number of teams ought to pursue him. — Mueller, Randy

25. Chase Young, Edge, 49ers (25)

Though he had a strong Super Bowl performance, Young’s pass rush productivity throughout his 49ers tenure was ranked No. 24 out of 43 qualified edge rushers by Pro Football Focus. Additionally, he struggled with pursuit in the NFC Championship Game against the Lions. Any doubts about effort appeared to be allayed against the Chiefs, and Young’s outstanding performance ought to draw the NFL’s notice. The price will determine if he comes back. — Lombardi David

NR. Mike Williams, WR, Chargers (29)

Williams tore his ACL in just three games during the previous campaign. There was production; he was targeted 25 times and got 19 catches. However, his health is a major concern because he has only participated in a full season once in the previous seven years, had back issues when he first joined the league, and lacks the fifth gear and sudden separation that he had earlier in his career. His entire game benefits from his stature; he presents a wide catch radius and uses his body to screen defenders on slants and other inside routes. He can break tackles when sprinting after the catch and blocking, which is another benefit.

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