JUST IN: San Francisco quarterback Brandon Allen changes his mind over re-sign with club….

The 49ers have agreed to re-sign Brandon Allen.

One of the 49ers’ quarterbacks will be returning.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Brandon Allen will be re-signed by San Francisco.

NFL free agency 2024: Brandon Allen re-signs with San Francisco 49ers -  Music City Miracles

The 31-year-old Allen played as the 49ers’ third quarterback in 2023 after joining the team in May of last year. In a game during the regular season, he did not play.

Allen, a 2016 sixth-round draft selection, has made 15 appearances, nine of which have been starts. He was the starting quarterback for five Bengals games in 2020, three Denver games in 2019, and one Cincinnati game in 2021.

Over his career, he has completed 57% of his throws for 1,611 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions.


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The San Francisco 49ers once exchanged draft picks in the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds in October 2022 in order to get a player for whom they would still have to pay a high price.

There was no quarterback about this sixth-year veteran. He did not hurry passes. According to league monitoring data and title, he wasn’t even a receiver.

No, the 49ers made the decision to spend all that cash and draft capital in order to sign Christian McCaffrey, a running back. in the current financial system.

Due to injuries, McCaffrey had only participated in less than half of the team’s games in the previous two seasons before he joined. He also came with a ton of potential, which was most evident in 2020 when he led the NFL in scrimmage yards (2,392) and scrimmage touchdowns (19).

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