Matt Hardy’s appearance at WWE Raw could be a sign of what’s to come

Hardy was present at the WWE Raw taping on March 18. The couple at the Raleigh, North Carolina, event was captured on camera, which his wife, Reby, shared online. Online rumors that Hardy may be preparing to rejoin WWE after his contract with AEW expires gained momentum after the video was posted. But during his visit to RAW, Hardy reportedly skipped a meeting with WWE executives, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select. The TikTok video of Matt and Reby at WWE Raw in Raleigh, North Carolina, not far from their home, was shared by Matt’s wife Reby, according to Sapp, who made the observation during Monday’s WWE Raw post-show. “We’re told that isn’t the case, but this fueled rumors that Hardy was there meeting with WWE.”. “Since he joined AEW in 2020, Hardy’s tenure there hasn’t gone as many had anticipated. The wildly successful tag team failed to gain any momentum under Tony Khan’s booking, even after his brother Jeff Hardy joined the AEW roster in 2022. It’s been a while since Hardy has been seen in the ring. He is frequently asked to put talent over in matches or utilized in brief promotional segments instead. Hardy is in his later years of a 49-year-old career. In the event that his brother’s contract is about to expire and the team decides to regroup at their old training ground, he may decide to make one last trip back to WWE. It is possible that Hardy was merely a spectator at the event. Still, though.

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