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Cincinnati Bengals announce that Joe Burrow would be absent for “several weeks”: Who is able to take his place?

For Cincinnati Bengals supporters, this is not looking good.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow

Unfortunately, Joe Burrow’s and Cincinnati Bengals fans’ worst nightmare has come true: the quarterback will be sidelined for a few weeks. Once Friday’s practice was over, coach Zac Taylor was informed of the unfortunate development. Burrow appeared to have torn a muscle, and he was limping from the outset. They wheeled him into the dressing rooms via a cart that had to cross the field. Test scans performed by the doctors revealed that his right calf’s muscular tissue is damaged. Joe Burrow told his head coach he was having trouble with tightness in the same calf the day before the injury. That had him wear a sleeve during practice, and it was evident to all of us how he was hurt.

Time is offered by Zac Taylor Joe Burrow is not expected to

Cincinnati Benglas head coach Zac Taylor stated that Joe Burrow will be out for a few weeks, although he did not give a specific amount of time. It doesn’t sound like two, but several is usually how long it takes for a minor muscle injury to fully heal. It does seem like Joe Burrow will be away longer than anticipated for a number of reasons. Joe Burrow will miss the remainder of training camp, it has been established, in order to get well as soon as possible. Remember that the first week of September marks the official start of the NFL season. Photos from yesterday’s practice show Joe Burrow’s dejected expression as he is wheeled off the field.

It wouldn’t be wise to hasten his recuperation because time is of the essence for him, and the Cincinnati Bengals should consider their internal choices for his replacement. The Cincinnati Bengals have plenty of backup options to start in Burrow’s place as he heals. They have a small free-agent roster and Jake Browing and Trevor Sieman on the roster as backups for now. There are a few other choices if they decided to trade for a new quarterback, but none of them could have the same impact as Joe’s. Sam Arnold and Trey Lance of the San Francisco 49ers, Andy Dalton of the Carolina Panthers, and Gardner Minshew of the Indianapolis Colts are all excellent choices; however, Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams is most likely the best option right now.

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