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This year, Major League Baseball took great care in their scheduling, starting the season with a matchup between two of the finest clubs in the National League and division rivals. The Braves will open their 2024 season against the Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow at the same stadium where the team has concluded its season the past two years


Between these two teams, who both hope to win the NL East, there are countless fascinating tales. While the Phillies are attempting to win their first division championship since 2011, the Braves are aiming for their sixth straight. Despite the fact that Philadelphia has defeated Atlanta in the previous two postseasons, there is still envy in that building. The Braves are still the only team in the NL East to win a World Series, and they have been the division leader since 2018. Because of this, opening weekend fans throughout the baseball globe will be watching this game closely

The Braves and Phillies are not only two of the top clubs in the National game, but they will also be facing off on Opening Day because each team has two of the finest pitchers in the game

In baseball circles, Spencer Strider is the buzz. He is the favorite to win the NL Cy Young award since he has the best stuff of any pitcher in the league and most believe he will eventually overtake the current leader in pitchers in the game.

But Zack Wheeler is perhaps the most underappreciated pitcher in baseball. You would struggle to find a better pitcher than this 33-year-old, even though he hasn’t yet been awarded a Cy Young title

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