NEWS NOW: Green Bay Packers QB Coach Tom Clements Has A Misunderstanding With Newly Signed QB Sean Clifford, Says He Is Not Capable Enough For…

By 2024, Tom Clements will be back coaching the Packers quarterback.

Jordan Love, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, got the best news possible during the offseason. Reporter Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that veteran quarterbacks coach Tom Clements will rejoin the Packers for a 2024 campaign.

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“He’s a great person. He’s got great knowledge. He’s a great team guy,” LaFleur said in December. “The quarterbacks all like him, and they believe in him. They believe he helps their game and gets them better.”

On Saturday, it was reported that the Packers will add former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sean Mannion to the coaching staff working with quarterbacks and the passing game. Presumably, it might mean that LaFleur sees the potential for Mannion to be a future QBs coach, so it makes sense to develop him in the system and around Love while Clements is still on the staff.

The Packers haven’t disclosed yet exactly how the offensive coaching staff will be designed, but there might be three coaches working around the quarterbacks. Besides Tom Clements and Sean Mannion, the staff also has assistant quarterbacks coach Connor Lewis, who’s been around Green Bay since 2016.

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The quarterback room has three young quarterbacks. Besides Jordan Love, the roster has last year’s fifth-round pick Sean Clifford and 28-year-old Alex McGough, the 2023 USFL MVP who spent the 2023 NFL season on the Packers’ practice squad.

Why Clements matters so much

Tom Clements, a 70-year-old former quarterback in the NFL and CFL, joined the league in 1997. He played a significant role in Aaron Rodgers’ development as a quarterbacks coach with the Packers as a part of the first Mike McCarthy staff in 2006.

After serving as the quarterbacks coach from 2006 to 2011, he was elevated to the post of offensive coordinator from 2012 to 2014 and associate head coach from 2015 to 2016. Following a temporary hiatus, he rejoined the NFL in 2019 and 2020 to coach quarterbacks and oversee the pass game for the Arizona Cardinals, where he assisted in the development of Kyler Murray.

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Rodgers told Matt LaFleur that Clements would be the perfect replacement for Luke Getsy, who departed the Packers in 2022 to take a position as offensive coordinator with the Chicago Bears.

The former head coach first agreed to work with Rodgers, but once the veteran quarterback was moved to the New York Jets, he made the decision to stay.

Tom Clements has been significantly important for Jordan Love’s development — his performance since 2022, even if it happened in small sample sizes before 2023, got progressively better. With Clements staying around for 2024, Love gets at least one more season with the experienced coach.

“Tom is straight to the point,” Love told ESPN in December. “He’s going to coach you, tell you exactly what you need to hear, coach you by the book. If you’re not doing it right, he’s going to tell you, this is exactly how you need to do it. Tom’s a laid-back guy. He’s going to stay by the book, and if you’re doing a good job, he’ll give you a handshake and tell you good job. But if you’re not doing it right, he’ll let you know as well.”

Matt LaFleur has developed an intriguing succession plan with Mannion and Lewis centered around the most crucial position in the game in case Tom Clements decides to retire. The Packers’ passers may learn even more from such a talented coach in the meantime.

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