Rangers Forward Coach Has A Misunderstanding With Cyriel Desser, Says He Is Not Capable Enough For…

Some Rangers fans will never think Cyriel Dessers is good enough, even when he is 23 in 43.

Ibrox Noise was amused to see how cruel a significant number of Rangers supporters truly are when we recently praised Nigerian forward Cyriel Dessers on his goal for his nation.

Article image:23 in 43 but Cyriel Dessers will never be good enough for some Rangers fans

Most of the responses were insulting, making fun of him and implying that he could do the same for his club.

The mockery of Dessers isn’t really justified, in my opinion, even though Ibrox Noise has shown that he is far more clinical than Lawrence Shankland, the man these fans lust for.

His career totals are 47 assists, 127 goals, and just less than one in 223 games played.

Rangers have 23 goals and 43 assists.

Feyenoord: 24 goals in 41 games, plus assists.

Heracles: 29 assists and 24 goals.

26 goals and 56 assists for Utrecht.

Cremonese: 29 games, 9 goals, 9 assists.

Genk has 17 goals and 43 assists.

Breda: 40 assists and 42 goals.

The man is, in essence, a career assister and scorer. And Rangers has carried on with it.

Even if he gets goals for his nation, Rangers supporters make fun of him for not scoring enough at the team, but they also support Shankland, who we’ve shown to be far more wasteful than Dessers.

Now, we’re not suggesting Shankland is garbage here—far from it. We are arguing that the criticism Dessers receives is unfair.

Dessers is awkward, unproven, and a frequent misser of opportunities, but it defies logic to minimize the second-highest goal scorer at the team, after James Tavernier.

He did receive some affection a few months back, but our club’s followers swiftly turn against him after a few uninteresting games.

That must be the price paid for the Rangers fan’s demands.

And to be honest, we wouldn’t alter a thing.

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