NEWS NOW: Alabama Crimson Tide QB Ty Simpsons Finally Decides To Leave The Club Since QB Coach Refuses To…

What does Ty Simpson do next? Alabama football quarterback discusses his future and makes a choice.

The majority of Alabama football backup quarterback Ty Simpson’s hour-long media day session was spent seated at a circular table to Tyler Buchner’s left.

Ty Simpson Will Return To Alabama Next Season - TideIllustrated

Another backup quarterback, Buchner, has already announced that he will be departing Alabama at the end of the season. He declared that he would be playing lacrosse at Notre Dame after transferring.

Whether the individual seated next to him on Saturday decides to transfer out is still to be determined.

Simpson was competing with Jalen Milroe for the starting quarterback job coming into the 2023 season, but he never found a way to surpass him. When Alabama officially named a starter before Ole Miss, it was Milroe and has been Milroe the rest of the way.

Alabama Football: Ty Simpson returns for 2024 what it means for recruiting

Milroe has previously declared his return for the upcoming season; Has Simpson decided on anything?

Simpson stated to The Tuscaloosa News, “Right now, I’m really just focused on Michigan.” “I haven’t given any thought to where I’m going, if I’ll stay, or anything else. I adore this group of players, this coaching staff, and Alabama in general. But for now, all I have on my mind is defeating Michigan, should my number be called.”

The former five-star quarterback won’t have much time to second-guess his choice if Alabama loses the Rose Bowl. For players who are not included in a New Year’s Six bowl, the transfer portal window expires on January 2; nonetheless, they get an extra five days.

Does having a tiny window make things more stressful?

“It does,” Simpson affirmed. “Take a look at Malik Murphy, one of my friends from Texas. He quit the squad during their playoff run because he believed that transferring would be in his best interests. It most definitely does. However, I believe that waiting it out and making sure that this is the perfect place for you, or whatever, has a lot of credibility. It most definitely does. In addition, I pledged to the University of Alabama at the beginning of the season and as a recruit, and I will honor that decision through the end of the campaign.”

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