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Reported: Falcons, Kirk Cousins ‘Jumping The Gun?’ Rumors

The status of the quarterback position for the Atlanta Falcons remains unclear despite numerous reports linking them to Kirk Cousins.

The signal-caller who has been most frequently linked to the Atlanta Falcons this offseason is the pending free agent Kirk Cousins. The Falcons desperately need a new quarterback.

Although Cousins, 35, has played for the Minnesota Vikings for the last six seasons, it appears highly likely that he will declare for free agency on Wednesday for the second time in his career. Cousins appears to be the finest quarterback available in the free agent market, should he become available, and Atlanta seems to be his intended destination.


However, Cousins to Atlanta is far from a done deal. According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, assuming that the four-time Pro Bowl selection will sign with the Falcons is “jumping the gun.”

Analysis: Reported move to sign QB Kirk Cousins provides stability Falcons  haven't had recently in a spot most necessary for it


You may be jumping the gun if you can’t stop seeing Kirk Cousins wearing a Falcons uniform just yet. Cousins and the Vikings were still in communication at the end of this week. Although Minnesota hasn’t received their offer to the extent that Cousins desires, it seems the Vikings are still very much involved in this. Cousins are happy there. There, his family feels at home. He’s throwing to one of the league’s top receivers, Justin Jefferson, while playing for a superb playcaller in Kevin O’Connell. He is liked by the fans. It’s without a doubt his team. If he doesn’t receive what he wants in a deal, he is more than willing to depart, and Atlanta is a potential—even likely—destination in that scenario. However, until the league year opens, the Vikings still have a shot to keep him off the market.

The Vikings certainly still have a lot to offer Cousins, and the fact that he wouldn’t have to move and learn a new offense is a point in their favor. However, they have to sign Jefferson to a long-term deal, which will likely cost them over $30 million annually, and have other key players such as pass-rusher Danielle Hunter about to hit free agency.

The Vikings will presumably learn of Cousins’ decision on free agency by Sunday night, so the Falcons should soon have a lot more information.

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