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Ty Simpson considers his season as Alabama’s backup quarterback prior to his decision to transfer, the Rose Bowl

Ty Simpson made no commitment to come back.

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On Saturday, the backup quarterback for Alabama football stated, “Just really focused on Michigan right now.” Just keep Michigan in mind. I’m eager to see what the future brings and what God has in store for me.

Throughout the 2023 season, Simpson—a redshirt freshman from Martin, Tennessee—has served as Alabama’s main backup. Regretfully, Jalen Milroe, a redshirt sophomore, will be returning for another season.

Given the state of college football today and the increasing number of quarterbacks Alabama is facing each season, Simpson’s chances of returning may be slim, particularly if he can secure playing time at another university. The rookie signal-caller, though, is simply focused on Monday’s Rose Bowl at this time.

Ty Simpson Will Return To Alabama Next Season - TideIllustrated

Regarding the Crimson Tide’s wild 2023 season, Simpson remarked, “It’s been stressful for sure.” “However, it’s amazing to witness how the team has pulled together and overcome hardship, and now we’re just one step away from reaching all of our objectives.”

Simpson competed for the job throughout fall camp and the early goings of the season with Milroe, along with Tyler Buchner. Milroe got the first two starts of the season, but struggled against Texas, leading Nick Saban to explore other options in Week 3 at South Florida.

Tyler Buchner got the start, but struggled early, and Simpson got in. He did enough to win the game, but not enough to win the starting job.

“Coach Saban came in and said ‘You’re gonna warm up,’” Simpson said. “I’m gonna be honest, I was pretty nervous. I didn’t think I’d play or whatever. But I think I’ve grown a lot from that game. And if I had to play that game again, I think it’d be a lot different.”
Eventually, the Crimson Tide managed to pull itself together, leading to the current College Football Playoff matchup with Michigan in the Rose Bowl. From afar, that started against Ole Miss, with Milroe back behind center.

But the first flash of real competence came at the end of the USF game, with Simpson quarterbacking Alabama. After getting the ball back with 6:29 left, Saban told his team to take the clock and the game.

Led by Simpson, it did just that, running 5:56 off and scoring a QB sneak touchdown. Since then, things have gotten better, even with Simpson back on the bench.
“I like to say that was the turning point of our season,” Simpson said. “Like, we’re gonna overcome a lot, and that drive right there, you can kind of see that everything sparked from there. I’m really proud of this team and everything that we’ve done, and I’m really looking forward to what we’re about to accomplish.”

Simpson has seen benefits from his time in Tuscaloosa, even if he decides not to return.

Simpson remarked, “I feel like I’ve grown a lot and gained a lot of experience.” “It seems like I’m a completely different player every day. I believe that both the coaches and the team trust me enough to let me play if necessary. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about my growth and future.

Monday’s game between Michigan and Alabama is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. CT. ESPN will broadcast the match.

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