NEWS NOW: ”He Used To Be A Very Humble Player,” Birmingham City Head Coach Confesses After The Club’s Star Player Is Confirmed…

Jude Bellingham once said, “You can’t talk to people like that.” Throughout Birmingham City tenure, ‘overstepped the mark’ occasionally, the former coach remembers

Former Birmingham City coach Mike Dodds, who coached Jude Bellingham when he was younger, shared his thoughts about the teenagers’ tenure with the team.


The behavior of Jude Bellingham in Birmingham
Examples of boundary violations mentioned
Perspectives from an ex-coach

Consequently, what happened? The former youth coach for Birmingham City, Dodds, talked candidly about his handling of Bellingham at St. Andrew’s Academy and the elements that shaped him into the star he is today.

VERDICT: “Eight or seven years ago, that was perceived as, ‘Ooo, you have to make sure he is humble, you have to make sure he slows himself down, you can’t talk to people like that.'” There were moments when he went too far, but overall, it’s like, ‘Well he can, because he’s got to be able to survive in the first-team dressing room,'” Dodds said to Talksport.

“Of course there was, he was a young boy but what that did do, when we fostered and kind of enhanced that quality that he had, it allowed him at 16 to go in the dressing room and survive and then obviously take that on,” he said.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Bellingham moved to Real Madrid from Dortmund in the summer and has become an indispensable part of Carlo Ancelotti’s side. The English midfielder is currently their top goalscorer with five goals in four games and has found the back of the net in all league games so far.

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