Unbelievable: Turmoil In The Lakers Home Stadium As LeBron James Is Confirmed…

When LeBron James discovered he was older than the NBA head coach, he became very quiet.

LeBron James is not a little kid anymore.

At the age of 38, “The King” is still putting up absurd numbers in his 21st season.

To his horror, he suddenly discovered that he is not only older than every other player in the NBA, but also older than certain head coaches.

LeBron led the Los Angeles Lakers over the Utah Jazz 131-99 on Tuesday, securing their third consecutive victory. In just 24 minutes of play, James finished with a scorching 17 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds to help the Purple & Gold secure their sixth straight victory.

James was rendered dumbfounded by reporters’ revelation that he is, in fact, older than Jazz head coach Will Hardy following the game.

“Who am I older than?” LeBron James upon being presented with the stat.

LeBron James becomes the first player in NBA history to score 39,000 points

“I’m older than…oh, wow. Oh my goodness. I don’t even mind. Yeah, that’s a good one. You got me on that one. You got me on that one. That’s crazy,” James said.

LeBron is five weeks shy of turning 39 while Hardy, who is in his second season as the Jazz head coach, is 35.

Hardy is the second youngest head coach in the NBA behind Boston’s Joe Mazzulla who is a few months younger than him.

Before the Lakers-Jazz game, Hardy was asked about LeBron’s longevity and how it can inspire younger players.

The Lakers star couldn't believe he was older than Jazz head coach Will Hardy

“The way that he takes care of himself and plays hard every night, that’s what we’re hoping that some guys in our program will aspire to be — that type of longevity,” Hardy said. “That commitment to his body has been very well documented. That’s what we’re trying to instill in our young players.”

Father Time may remain undefeated by James is doing his best to fight back.

The 4x NBA champion is still playing at an elite clip despite his age, averaging 26.4 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.5 assists this season. If he continues at that pace he should hit 40,000 points later this season.

The 38-year-old legend took the news well on a night where he became the first player to hit 39,000 points

Speaking about his latest milestone, James said: “I got congratulated by my teammates and coaches, (but) I haven’t had an opportunity to really wrap my head around what that means.

Since the start of time, this league has produced a huge number of outstanding players and scores.

“I always think it’s pretty cool to be able to accomplish something that’s the first of anything.” Without a doubt, this is a crazy time.

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