BREAKING NEWS: Jason Kelce cautioned against accepting a significant TV position while urging the Philadelphia Eagles to…

New Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley has asked Jason Kelce to reconsider his decision to retire, and he has also been cautioned against accepting a job on television.Jason Kelce's legend takes another step, plus 5 other news and notes

A enticing TV position has been extended to Jason Kelce, who has been linked to a comeback to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelce has already been invited to rejoin the Eagles after deciding, in an emotional news conference, to retire from the NFL. Recently traded from the New York Giants to the Philadelphia 76ers, Saquon Barkley is eager to play next to Kelce.

Since he may now join different organizations, this is taking place while other broadcasters are vying for his on-screen abilities. One of the most well-known players in American football, Kelce co-hosts the “New Heights” podcast with brother Travis.

According to The Athletic, this is the reason why ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Amazon Prime Video are all hoping to have Kelce join them as a commentator for the 2024 NFL season. The former center spent a season with Amazon Prime during the Eagles’ bye week, but ESPN is making a lot of effort to keep their big competitors from acquiring him. Dan Patrick, a former employee of ESPN, has advised Kelce not to take a job at his previous workplace, though.

Having had a number of notable positions in the sports broadcasting industry, including eighteen years at ESPN, Patrick is presently the anchor of The Dan Patrick Show on Premiere Radio Networks. He has also co-hosted NBC’s Football Night in America and is available for streaming on Peacock.

The 66-year-old, a business expert, has advised Kelce to exercise caution.

“There’s a reason it’s called the car wash. You go in, and this show, this show, this show, and this show will feature you. You are doing as they ask.”

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Kelce has previously being courted by Saquon Barkley to rejoin the Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES.)

Patrick encouraged Kelce to keep in mind how well-liked he is and believes that he is a terrific communicator. “I wouldn’t advise him to go there because I think he’s a unique voice right now, and I would want to have one place where I could hear him,” Patrick said.

For the first time in his thirteen years, Kelce is looking forward to a summer without football and may not make any snap judgments. His ‘New Heights’ podcast is also noteworthy and will be included in any discussions. Barkley, though, is hoping Kelce plays for one more season.

‘New Heights’, Barkley expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season and his

Barkley interrupted Kelce, saying, “You don’t gotta watch it, you know.” Barkley acknowledged that Kelce thought the upcoming season would be entertaining to watch.

The football community does not anticipate that Kelce will reconsider, and he will be a big loss for the Eagles.

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