SAD NEWS: Edward John Frank Howe embarrasses himself by making statements about Newcastle 4…

Three minutes after the interval, David Moyes’ team led 3-1 despite having conceded early.

In the more over fifty minutes that remained, they failed to make another effort that was on target.Talk of Tyneside on X: "@SkySportsPL Edward John Frank Howe 👑" / X

For Eddie Howe’s team, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Yes, against all the odds, he managed to motivate his team to win 4-3 and get revenge on the Hammers. Having to play the last portions of the match with just 10 men, in addition to all the injured players.

The refereeing was a complete mess for Newcastle United; he allowed play to continue even though Schar was still on the ground after being struck in the face, and he also failed to appropriately penalize several of West Ham’s reckless challenges. Furthermore, the referee did not have to award Gordon

David Moyes’s hilarious and amusing response to all of this is, “We had so many things that didn’t go in our favour today.”

How embarrassing—the referee was obviously biased in favor of the visitors, and Eddie Howe was really the victim of every imaginable setback!

Despite David Moyes’s predictable whining, the two penalties WERE penalties.

Anthony Gordon shown speed and incredible resolve to come in the middle of the other player and the ball on both occasions, but the West Ham defenders kicked his leg away. They didn’t mean to, but Gordon’s deliberate play, which caused them to make mistakes and swing their boot and catch the Newcastle winger, outclassed them.

David Moyes must to consider the reality that despite

“We performed admirably overall, but our defense was lacking.

“We were a danger and scored some nice goals, but in the end, we let up one more goal than they did.

“A minute into the second half, we scored, but at 3-1, I don’t believe you could say we were in charge.

“You are aware that it is never easy for Newcastle to shoot down that direction [toward the Gallowgate].

“The margins are tiny.

“I believe the referee made a few decisions about penalty kicks. I believe that in the second one, Kalvin Phillips is prevented from kicking the ball by Anthony Gordon. In my opinion, that was a poor choice.

There were a lot of positive things that happened today, but there were also a lot of negative things.

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