Shocking News:The Alabama Crimson Tides making an impact with his….

When JaMarcus Shephard saw the question, he glanced up and realized what he was going to answer. Following the seventh spring practice of Alabama football, a question concerning the team’s most seasoned returner was posed to the newly appointed wide receiver coach.

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As soon as Shephard saw Prentice finish an interview and head out the door, he said, “Kobe Prentice, right now,” on a catwalk above UA’s weight room. “If I could tell you what he’s gonna do, I would tell you that young man has led the room, he really has.” When it comes to playing, he’s arguably the most seasoned player. He has undoubtedly led the group in saying, “Hey, get me the football,” and it’s wonderful to see.

Former four-star prospect Prentice thinks his size and speed complement Kalen DeBoer’s scheme. Prentice led the team in catches in his debut game as a freshman in 2022. Even though Alabama still has a number of highly regarded wide receiver prospects, the Tide hasn’t produced a pass-catcher with 1,000 yards receiving since 2021. Last year, Washington had two.

QB Jalen Milroe’s weapons will include Prentice, transfer Germie Bernard, Kendrick Law, Emmanuel Henderson, Jaren Hamilton, freshman Caleb Odom, and summer enrollee Ryan Williams. Everybody has experience with the first squad.

According to DeBoer, the aerial offense would be complex and multifaceted. Milroe will have to have faith that players will land in specific areas of the pitch. Prentice wants to take the lead right out of the slot.c

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