SAD NEWS: The coach of the Atlanta Falcons Raheem Morris is on the verge of death..

Says Kirk Cousins. The Falcons now need to demonstrate that he didn’t mean what he said.
Pass defense strategies put Morris on shortlist – The Denver Post
The NFL opened an inquiry into Cousins’ remarks during his Atlanta press conference, which may have violated the league’s anti-tampering policy.

The day before the start of free agency, the quarterback claimed to have met or spoken with members of the Falcons’ staff. Before the official start of free agency, teams are not allowed to meet with or speak with players who are represented by an agent during the two-day negotiation window.

Coach Raheem Morris hinted that Cousins’ exuberance caused a jumbled timeline on Tuesday, one day after Falcons owner Arthur Blank denied the team tampered with Cousins before signing him to a four-year, $180 million contract.

“I’m not at allMorris remarked, “I’m quite confident in our personnel that we did the correct thing, but we’re not allowed to actually discuss it right now while it’s being reviewed. “It is what it is, and when you get excited and talk about those things, some of those things happen.” We will discuss those topics when the time is right. Just now is probably not the appropriate time.

The investigation for tampering must to be simple to validate or refute: The facility has phone records and video that demonstrate whether Cousins spoke with Ryan Pace, the director of player personnel, during the 52-hour negotiation window and whether he met with Atlanta’s chief athletic trainer.

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