WHAT A SAD NEWS: Right now, Newcastle’s coach is quite ill.

Eddie Howe, the coach of Newcastle United, states that Sandro Tonali’s illness “is still there” and that he would be “hugely disappointed” if the suspension were to be prolonged.Eddie Howe battled through sickness to set the tone for his defiant Newcastle team

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Following claims that the Italy international had wagered fifty times on football games in the first two months of his stay at Newcastle and prior to the start of a FIGC inquiry in October 2023, Tonali was charged with misconduct by the FA on Thursday.

After a ten-month hiatus, Tonali is now scheduled to make a comeback on August 27, 2024. Howe, the coach of Newcastle, has made his first public remarks since the FA statement was made public.

“We were not surprised by the FA charges,” the English strategist was cited as saying.through The Telegraph.

From the beginning, Sandro was cooperative and completely honest about his actions and problems with the club, ourselves, and the authorities. That’s why yesterday [Thursday] wasn’t shocking.”Obviously, we’ve been supporting him during this time, even though it might have come as a surprise to some outside of our organization.”

Beppe Riso, Tonali’s representative, revealed in October that his client had an addiction to gambling. The midfielder from Italy is receiving treatment after receiving assistance.

“That’s right—this is a sickness. Naturally, the information about the FA accusation and the fact that the condition persisted after he relocated from Italy to England should be taken into consideration, Howe said.

“I don’t think that addresses the core of the issue, so let’s not throw the book at him and punish him even more.

“All of our players need to be protected because this isThis is a problem that affects everyone and is growing in importance across society, so it’s not simply Sandro’s concern.

If Tonali is found guilty, it is unclear if the English Football Association would penalize him further or if they will deem the present ban sufficient.

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