GOOD NEWS: As Philippine eagles engage in a “rare” airborne courting Read More…

Manila — Photos released this week by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) show a “rare” aerial courtship in which two Philippine eagles linked talons, danced in midair, and dove in spirals.December: Courtship

The Protected Area Management Office’s eagle monitoring crew at Mt. Apo Natural Park recorded the mating ritual on camera, as the DENR-Soccsksargen posted on Facebook.

According to the article, the romance took place during the eagles’ breeding season, which is normally witnessed from October to December.The eagles “vocalized what seemed to be distinguishing calls in order to strengthen their pair bond and communicate” throughout the courtship.According to the DENR-Soccsksargen, they performed “amazing maneuvers that highlight their grace and power, spiraling dives, and intricate mid-air dances.” The organization declared its dedication to eagle protection.

According to the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s website, there are around 392 pairs of Philippine Eagles remaining. Deforestation pushes the species closer to the possibility of human shooting and away from their hunting areas, endangering them.

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