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When the unsettling incident occurred, Algeria’s junior team was playing Tunisia in a qualifier for the Under-20 African Cup of Nations. During the 3-2 loss, Manaa was spotted slapping one of his own players after striking a Tunisian substitution.Klopp delight as Saudis backtrack on blockbuster Mo Salah signing amid Liverpool 'respect'

Several prominent Algerian journalists have called for a harsh response, but the Algerian Football Association [FAF] has not responded as of yet.

“As an educator supposed to embody the values of sport, Yacine Manaa should have set an example on and off the field,” stated Fennec Football, a leading Algerian football website.

Rather, he opted for a despicable course of action, using physical force to settle a disagreement between two players. The International Football Federation forbids using this forceful technique, which is also against athletic principles.

We eagerly await the Algerian Football Federation’s (FAF) response. Yacine Manaa’s event must be allowed to continue in any way. A strong response from the FAF would demonstrate its dedication to morality and sportsmanship.

“Such incidents are disheartening and damage the sport’s reputation both domestically and internationally. The problem would only get worse if the FAF remained silent or responded insufficiently, giving the impression that this kind of behavior is normal in Algerian football.

It is crucial that the FAF moves swiftly to denounce Yacine Manaa’s acts and restore the integrity ofWhat ought to have been a beneficial international vacation for the African country is marred by the occurrence.

Algeria finished last in a group that included Angola, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania at the 2024 tournament, humiliating themselves despite having won the AFCON in 2019. Since then, Algeria has been gradually losing ground.

They have now signed highly regarded former Lazio and Switzerland manager Vladimir Petkovic in spite of their difficulties.

The Swiss-Bosnian senior team opened the tournament with a 3-2 victory over Bolivia. They will play South Africa again in June in order to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

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