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Football tragedy: Foe, Tiote, and players who lost their lives on the field

Fortunately, football-related deaths are not common, but when they do occur, the whole community is shocked and affected.

Cheick Tiote

Football involves a level of risk, just like any other activity. Because of the intense sprints involved in the game, participants’ bodies—especially their hearts—are severely strained.

Even while testing has gotten better over time, terrible accidents might still happen since any uncovered flaws could be catastrophic.

Every time a football player takes the pitch, they run the danger of suffering a head injury. Serious injuries can result from odd occurrences like the one Petr Cech had when playing for Chelsea against Reading. That time, the keeper managed to get away with a broken head, but Doctors then disclosed that the event almost lost him his life, which made it even more meaningful.

Another player who came perilously near to death in an elite English competition was Fabrice Muamba, who passed away in an FA Cup encounter versus Tottenham in March 2012. The former England Under-21 player’s heart stopped for 78 minutes after suffering a cardiac attack. As advised by a doctor, he stopped playing the game.

Over the years, some players have unfortunately not been as fortunate. These are some of the most well-known instances of gamers who have lost their life while enjoying their favorite game.

Tiote, who had just recently relocated to Beijing Enterprises from Newcastle, passed out after a training session a few weeks before his 31st birthday. He had suffered a heart attack. After being taken to the hospital, he was declared dead an hour later.

Being one of the best players in the country, he played 55 times for the Elephants and helped them win the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015. After his corpse was repatriated to his native Ivory Coast, he was given a military funeral.

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