Aston Villa Assistant Manager Pako Ayestaran Gets Into Trouble With Unai Emery After Involving In…

In a move seen both crucial and astute, Unai Emery provides esteemed former Liverpool assistant Pako Ayestaran the opportunity to be his Aston Villa No. 2.

Unai Emery has offered Pako Ayestaran the chance to work as his assistant, marking the first significant move he has made as manager of Aston Villa.

Unai Emery has offered Pako Ayestaran the chance to become his assistant at Aston Villa

Emery is keen to capitalize on this momentous occasion in his professional journey, and it is both sensible and crucial that he has the esteemed Ayestaran at his side.

With a plethora of expertise, Ayestaran joined Liverpool in 2004 as Rafa Benitez’s assistant when he initially entered the Premier League.

He was close to the players, helped raise the bar for fitness, and brought four titles to Anfield in his three years there.

Before Ayestaran left Valencia in 2010, the two collaborated there, helping the team place third in La Liga. Ayestaran quit because he wanted to work for himself as a manager.

In 2016, the 59-year-old made a comeback to Valencia, first serving as Gary Neville’s assistant before taking over as permanent manager after the former Manchester United defender was fired.

Subsequently, in September 2016, Ayestaran was fired due to a string of subpar performances.

Ayestaran (second right) was No 2 to Spaniard Rafael Benitez at Liverpool from 2004-2007

Since Emery’s work permit was not authorized prior to the Saturday encounter at Newcastle, his first game in charge will probably be against Manchester United the following weekend.

However, the former manager of Arsenal has already communicated with Villa’s analytical staff and will research United ahead of his debut for his new squad.


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