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All Braves supporters can do right now is wait and hope that Spencer Strider’s second opinion turned up some good news. The truth is that Strider will be out for a while, therefore one of the younger arms will have to step up. We should find out in a few days

The preseason favorite to win the National League Cy Young Award will not be replaced by anyone. We spoke about the Braves starting pitching staff’s amazing depth during the summer, but very few players in the league could do that. Despite the fact that every member of their AAA rotation has big league experience, the early season performances belie this

Allan Winans toed the rubber against the Mets on Thursday afternoon, giving Braves Country fans their first taste of a prospective successor for Spencer Strider. It went about as bad as it could have. After giving up six earned runs in five innings, the 28-year-old, New York crushed Atlanta, 16–4.

Winans wasn’t actually the next in line for the position, though. It so happened that he was well-rested and prepared for the chance. He was already optioned back to Gwinnett, and he will be replaced by someone the following week.

But to whom?

After recovering from Tommy John surgery a year and a half ago, Huascar Ynoa had an encouraging maiden start, pitching four scoreless innings. However, he immediately failed to escape the


On Thursday afternoon, Allan Winans took the mound against the Mets, offering Braves Country supporters their first look at a potential replacement for Spencer Strider. Everything proceeded as badly as it could have. New York defeated Atlanta 16–4 after the 28-year-old gave up six earned runs in five innings.

But Winans wasn’t really the next in line for the job. He just so happened to be rested and ready for the opportunity. He was already optioned back to Gwinnett, and next week, someone else will take his spot.

To whom, though?

Pitching four scoreless innings, Huascar Ynoa had an impressive first start a year and a half after he recovered from Tommy John surgery. But he didn’t manage to get out of

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