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Joel Ward reveals Crystal Palace squad did not expect Patrick Vieira to be sacked this season

Joel Ward mimics Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebration as Crystal Palace turn  over QPR | Daily Mail Online

Joel Ward, a defender for Crystal Palace, claims that the team was taken aback by Patrick Vieira’s dismissal during the team’s struggles to stay in the Premier League.

Joel Ward mimics Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebration as Crystal Palace turn  over QPR | Daily Mail Online
Vieira resigned from his position on Friday morning, having presided over an 11-game league losing streak that began on New Year’s Eve.
Prior to Sunday’s 4-1 loss to leaders Arsenal, Palace’s chairman Steve Parish fired him because the team had not scored in his previous four games in command.
When asked if the group was taken aback by Vieira’s departure, Ward said, “Yeah.

Anything similar, in my opinion, is a little unexpected. The challenging aspect of football is that it’s a results-driven industry. After a difficult stretch of games, the leadership has decided on their course of action.”Ultimately, we’re the only ones that can do that on the pitch so we have to stand up and be accountable for that,” the club’s president said. “We have to respect that and make sure that everyone, from fans to players, gets together and takes care of business.”
After taking over at Selhurst Park in July 2021, Vieira led Palace to a 12th-place result in the previous campaign before their play drastically declined after the World Cup.

From that. He will undoubtedly do amazing things in his upcoming chapter.The players and the club hold him in the highest regard. It’s unfortunate how he conducted himself on a daily basis and how he applied himself.
“The simple truth is that we now need to concentrate on maintaining our Premier League position. We must remain together and make sure that we carry out the necessary tasks.”
Paddy McCarthy, the Under-21 manager, took command of the team at the Emirates Stadium as Palace lost three points above the relegation zone, albeit Jeffrey Schlupp’s late goal at least put an end to an almost seven-hour goalless streak.
However, Ward is adamant that he won’t be

In response to suggestions that the 75-year-old will make a surprise comeback, he stated, “I can’t comment on that.”
“I’m not sure what the situation is, but whoever it is they choose, I know the players will get behind and give 100 per cent.”Our attention is on the pitch. Anything that occurs in the meantime will happen as it happens. All we need to do is confirm that we are where we should be.Since some boys are leaving for overseas assignments, those of us who will remain must work even harder to ensure that we are alert and prepared on April 1.
“As a team, we must ensure that we maintain our unity and keep moving ahead. We must go with our

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