”That Is Unprofessional And Totally Unacceptable”, Charlton Athletic Chairman Speaks out As He Fires Coach; Describes Offense As A Violation Of…

In response to Massimo Cellino’s interest in acquiring Charlton Athletic, Charlie Methven releases a statement.

Despite rumors that Massimo Cellino is considering a buyout, Charlton Athletic’s owners, Global Football Partners, have no intention of selling the team.

The Thomas Sandgaard era at Charlton Athletic came to an end last summer when Global Football Partners successfully acquired the team.

charlton athletic, Charlie Methven issues statement amid Massimo Cellino’s Charlton Athletic takeover interest

One of the key players in the present ownership of Sunderland is Charlie Methven, who was once associated with Stewart Donald. After a few difficult years, the Addicks are looking forward to a better future. Manager Nathan Jones is in charge of guiding the team ahead once more.

But when acquisition interest in the South London company surfaced this week, suspicions were aroused.

According to reports from Italy, notorious former Leeds United owner and current Brescia custodian Massimo Cellino was considering a takeover attempt for Charlton Athletic.

However, Methven has now clarified GBF’s stance in an interview with the South London Press. Regarding the latest talk of a takeover, he said:

“Charlton Athletic is an amazing team that will always draw attention from athletes, coaches, and even potential owners of the team”.

“Global Football Partners, the club’s ownership group, is incredibly delighted and proud to be its owners, and we have no intention of ever selling the team”.

As such, we take note of the rumors with a wry grin and, while we are appreciative of any interest that may be expressed to us or that may be conjectured upon, we are just delighted and glad to remain Charlton Athletic’s caretakers for the foreseeable future.

Not unexpected

Changes in ownership for Charlton Athletic would be shocking, even if Cellino’s desire is sincere. The club’s sudden ownership transition would be unexpected as their present ownership has only been in place for a year.

The Addicks are a team with a lot of promise, and its present owners are motivated to make the most of it in light of their past missteps.

There’s no reason Charlton, which was once a Premier League regular, should be sulking in League One given the correct investment. The Addicks can truly look forward to a brighter future with Nathan Jones leading them, as they draw incredible players to their prestigious academy.

After turning around their season in the last several months, Charlton Athletic should be able to set high goals for the 2024–2025 season.



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