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Terrible Red Sox defense makes emotionally charged, must-win home games even more painful.

The Boston Red Sox have participated in two games since April 9 that were meant to represent something more than baseball.

Cleveland Guardians v Boston Red Sox

A string of anniversaries and memories were brought to the Red Sox’s home opener on April 9. Before the game, Tim and Stacy Wakefield, as well as Larry Lucchino, were honored. The 2004 World Series winning team was there.

April 15, One Boston Day, was also Patriots’ Day this year, as it was the day of the deadly attack on the Boston Marathon grounds eleven years prior. Since 1959, the Red Sox have hosted a game on Patriots’ Day every year. In their 71-55 games played on the day since 1903, including 26 home runs, they had a record of two-headed individuals.

The Red Sox suffered a setback on Opening Day at Fenway Park, and following their defeat on April 15, their Patriots’ Day success percentage decreased. The defense has defeated Boston in both of its previous high-stakes games.

Only a few weeks into the season, the Red Sox’s defense has already lost them several close games.

On April 9, Jarren Duran had a fielding error in the outfield, while David Hamilton made a mistake at shortstop for the Red Sox. Although Duran’s error did not cause a run to be scored, it did have the potential to halt the Orioles’ inning before they scored two runs on the next play to take a 3-1 lead. The Orioles scored their fifth run of the game thanks to a runner the Red Sox were unable to stop, and Hamilton’s mistake together with a Rafael Devers fumble that was not called an error served as the last nails in the coffin.

Through 5.2 innings on Patriots’ Day, Kutter Crawford held the opposition scoreless. Boston may still win the game even after bullpen pitcher Greg Weissert allowed a two-run home run.

However, Steven Kwan was scored by José Ramírez when he doubled with two runners on in the next set. Brayan Rocchio was on the bases when Wilyer Abreu raced to make a play in right field, but he misdirected the ball and Hamilton was unable to catch it. The Red Sox’s hopes of celebrating Patriots Day were dashed as swiftly as Boston’s defense did without Trevor Story when Rocchio scored.

In a lot of their recent defeats, the Red Sox have been their own worst enemy. Following Story’s season-ending injury on April 5, Boston has made an astounding in addition to the 14 mistakes, there were a considerable number of mishaps that contributed to earned runs.

What’s causing the Red Sox’s recent rise in mistakes is difficult to determine. There might be a lack of trust in the infield following Story’s departure, or a general lack of preparation. Either way, a big league club should not be playing at this level.

Though their window of opportunity has long since closed, the Red Sox management appears dedicated to give internal choices a chance to succeed on the field. If adjustments aren’t made, Boston, which was among the worst defensive clubs in MLB the previous season, is headed in that direction this season.

The justifications that the players making the mistakes are inexperienced and young will run out soon enough, if at all. The Red Sox had the whole offseason to address their defensive problems, but ownership, like with so many other areas of the organization, failed to make significant adjustments to Boston’s defense.

With months and months of baseball yet to play, the Red Sox’s defensive shortcomings are already costing them in games they could win, just a few weeks into the season.

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