Just In: This spring, a tight end for the Michigan football team “made a big move.”

This spring, a tight end for the Michigan football team “made a big move.”

This spring, Michigan football needed more depth at tight end, and Marlin Klein has provided it.

Dec 31, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Michigan Wolverines tight ends Colston Loveland (18) and

Colston Loveland, a tight end for Michigan football, may be the greatest in college football going into this season. However, depth is always necessary, particularly when using tight ends like the Wolverines do.

New tight ends coach Steve Casula talked about his position group this week and one name he mentioned as a guy who has taken a step forward is Marlin Klein, a 6-foot-6, 250-pound tight end who is originally from Germany.

In high school, Klein was a three-star prospect. As a sophomore for Michigan football, he participated in ten games and caught one pass for eight yards. But he’s really skilled, and more snaps are available now that A.J. Barner was selected by the NFL.

Casula brought up the Michigan football team’s “no block, no rock” policy, which states that you won’t get the ball if you don’t block. Meanwhile, another promising tight end is Max Bredeson. He has experience blocking passes and may even play a larger role catching passes. But keep an eye on Klein, who may have a chance to start in the future if Loveland departs for the NFL draft after 2024. What Casula had to say about the tight end chamber:

Big games are when tight ends matter. Apart from Col, Max Bredeson is equally crucial to our team. Even though he might not appear on the stat sheet every week, Max is essential to our ability to run the football as a team and help define our identity.

In addition to him, a guy that’s made a big move this spring is Marlin Klein. Obviously, everyone has been aware of Mar for a long time, but I think Mar will be a guy that gets a lot of great opportunities and he’s worked hard and he’s worked to earn and deserve that. We’re really excited about where he’s at, too.”

The tight ends will once again be a strength for Michigan football thanks to Klein, Bredeson, and Loveland, who is, in my opinion, the finest tight end in NCAA football.

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