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To Brian, please: Jim Harbaugh’s “plausible deniability” is a farce since Pat Fitzgerald had to have known about the typical hazing at Northwestern and Jim Tressel was aware that our players exchanged jerseys for tattoos. If UM is as ethical as they claim to be, his removal ought to come shortly.
Holliday Michael, Poulsbo, Wash.

Michigan head coach under fire for throwing punch at game
Editor’s note: It is a misuse of the legal system for Michigan to try to use the courts as a justification for not adhering to Big Ten Conference standards. The meeting is located within

is taking time and money away from the people who need the courts for valid reasons. It’s not a problem that someone who would steal from the public would also take signage from rival businesses. The offense in this case is Michigan’s misuse of the legal system.I don’t have anything against Michigan, but the public has to speak out against the exploitation of a sovereign legal system by a strong organization.Jason Smith, Georgia’s Alpharetta

Editor’s note: What an amazing weekend for football! I do have a concern, though: wouldn’t that be against the teachings of the deity the Michigan “temp” coach just recognized when he prayed to the Lord and then started swearing like a sailor on live television? Though it’s likely that Jesus didn’t swear, we don’t seem to know. I wonder if the FCC will punish him for using profanity on live television?
Columbus’s Scott Boden
Editor’s note: How can Michigan University hurt its finances, appease and gain from its Big Ten rivals, and continue to get TV attention and money? Next season, make every Michigan matchup against a Big Ten team an away game.

Brian: The majority of people are aware of the three University of Virginia football players who were shot and killed on November 13, 2022. After recovering, running back Mike Hollins was added back to the squad in March of last year. Hollins was shot in the back. It’s worthwhile to read his own account. Last year, UVA finished 3-7; 1-6. After losing to James Madison in a close game despite two touchdowns from Hollins and getting thrashed by Tennessee in the season opener, the Cavaliers didn’t appear much more hopeful. while the grim circumstances, UVA managed to win two games (against Boston College and North Carolina State) while trailing by three points apiece. Their first victory finally came against William & Mary.


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