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NFL Rumors: “Was No Secret” in the NFL and “Bad Blood” between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick

Two people close to Kraft and a confidant of Belichick, who were cited in the paper, claim that the Patriots’ owner gave Falcons owner Arthur Blank an evaluation of his former head coach.

Patriots Rumors: 'Bad Blood' with Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft 'Was No  Secret' in NFL | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher  Report

According to the sources, Kraft and Belichick “never have a warm conversation.” Blank valued a team culture that prioritized “family first,” and Kraft’s remarks were scathing and intimate.

Sources verified that the Kraft family felt “betrayed” by Belichick, despite Kraft’s assertion that he only gives Belichick compliments.

“I doubt they would attempt to harm Belichick. However, I doubt they would make an effort to assist him. They had no intention of trying to sink him. His tenure as a successful head coach came to an end. Consider his final four years spent in New England. A catastrophe If you’re Arthur Why do you desire headaches, Blank?

The ESPN article, which was made public on Wednesday, sheds details on Belichick’s fruitless job search as well as his botched 2025 coaching effort.

The former head coach of the Patriots was apparently “shocked” to learn that the Falcons had selected a different candidate over him, according to an ESPN story.

On January 25, Falcons owner Blank said that Raheem Morris will take over as head coach of the team. Heralded as a “good fit,” the former Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator had served as an assistant coach in Atlanta for six years prior.

During his twenty-four years as head coach, Belichick guided the Pats to historic heights of success, including six Super Bowl victories. He left after finishing 4-13 in the previous campaign.


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