Just Now: Red Sox Star’s Contract Terminated Due To…

With a rib injury, Triston Casas is “in a lot of pain,” and the Red Sox dread a lengthy absence.

The Red Sox ensured that Triston Casas wouldn’t be available for the next ten days by putting him on the disabled list on Sunday. The organization is now labeling the first baseman’s injury as a left rib strain, but it looks like he will be gone for a long time.

Triston Casas

Casas, who left Saturday’s game after only one at-bat and had preliminary imaging done in Pittsburgh, will consult a specialist and get an MRI in Boston on Monday. On Sunday, during Boston’s series finale against the Pirates, he was scheduled to take a plane home. Alex Cora, the manager, stated that he worries about Casas being out for an extended amount of time.

“I’m worried,” Cora expressed. “This guy grinds,” was how he felt. Triston is a player. Yes, I am concerned about his leaving the game.

Casas revealed that during Boston’s home series against the Guardians last week, he initially had some soreness in his abdomen. After aggravating the area on a 3-1 swing against righty Mitch Keller in the first inning on Saturday, Casas understood he was out of the game. He was pulled before the bottom of the first, telling Cora and the coaching staff about it.

A humiliated Casas stated he was unsure of his return date, but it’s obvious he fears a protracted absence.

“I’m suffering a great deal right now… With a little stomach ache, I thought I could still put together competitive at-bats, but yesterday, it simply got worse to the point where I couldn’t handle it any more, Casas said. “I had to cut the power there and away.”

Casas was taken aback when the problem initially surfaced because of his rigorous pregame regimen, which places a strong emphasis on core stabilization and strengthening. He said that he had never had soreness in his midsection. Casas’ oblique is not the problem; rather, the left rib region is the problem.

The middle is a difficult area to judge,” Casas murmured. “A lot of mending is related to the sections of bone and cartilage that are being dealt with. There is currently no schedule that has been suggested to me. We’ll find out more when we receive the MRI.

“I’m a big man that swings a bat incredibly quickly and powerfully. Things like these will inevitably occur.

Although Casas’s initial CT scan did not show a shattered bone, it did not give much information about the precise injury he is dealing with.

He remarked, “I didn’t feel any pop or dislocation.” “Right now, I feel like my lung is touching my ribs when I breathe in.” My lungs appear to be in good condition based on the CT scan results, but there was no indication of any internal bone damage or chipping. It’s not a rib break, in my opinion. I’m not sure what the ideal situation would be. Hopefully, it doesn’t last for the most of the season.

The Red Sox want to utilize Bobby Dalbec and Pablo Reyes at first base in Casas’ absence. They brought up catcher Tyler Heineman, who is Sunday’s designated hitter and the only healthy position player remaining on the 40-man roster who wasn’t already active, to take his roster slot. Despite never having played first base, Heineman will provide the Red Sox with a reliable switch-hitter for at least one day. Among the other Triple-A players who may be called up are Jamie Westbrook and injured utility guy Romy Gonzalez.

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