Breaking: KJ Jefferson, a former quarterback for Arkansas, speaks out about his driving infraction ticket.

Former Arkansas QB KJ Jefferson breaks silence on booking for traffic violation

KJ Jefferson, a former quarterback at Arkansas, appeared before Fayetteville Police on Wednesday in an attempt to resolve a minor traffic infraction he was given in 2023.

According to a report from, on May 18, 2018, Jefferson was allegedly observed driving on Interstate 49 South in Washington County at a speed of 113 mph in a zone designated for 70 mph. According to the report, Jefferson was given a citation around 11:20 p.m. that evening.

Jefferson was arrested on Wednesday for careless driving and exceeding the posted speed limit by more than fifteen mph. He was lodged into the Washington County Detention Center. He was freed without bond not long after showing up for his booking, according to data from the detention center that WholeHogSports consulted.

On Wednesday, Jefferson addressed the issue on Instagram.

In an Instagram story that has already expired, Jefferson stated on Wednesday, “I got a speeding ticket last year, in May, before the season.” I went to court today because I received a speeding ticket. My court date is today. In the end, I received three days of community work. You see my mugshot and everything because of it.

Still, it is what took place. It was a ticket for speeding. Only because I had court and needed to pay my fine and other related expenses for speeding did I return to Fayetteville. I fully accept responsibility for the things I did. However, none of the supplementary material claiming that “KJ did this” or the many stories you’re attempting to fabricate is accurate, dude. I experienced a citation for speeding.


Jefferson left for UCF during the previous campaign. Gus Malzahn, the offensive coordinator for one season on Houston Nutt’s 2006 Razorbacks squad and a former high school coach in the Natural State, stated in a statement that both UCF and Jefferson were aware of Jefferson’s circumstances before his booking.

“I have complete knowledge of this incident that happened in May 2023 before he came to UCF. KJ has been a fantastic leader and an outstanding member of our program ever since he came here, according to Malzahn’s statement.

Jefferson spent portions of five seasons at Arkansas throwing for 7,911 yards and totaling 88 touchdowns (67 passing). For the previous three seasons, he started as quarterback for the Hogs.

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