Just Now: The head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders recently got a nasty message from……

Davis Called Out, “Are You Going to Fail This Time?”

Las Vegas Raiders fire coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave  Ziegler | NFL News | Sky Sports

“What action will Mark Davis take? I beg you, will he not screw this up? I can’t picture Mark doing this; I love him so much.” That’s what a player on the Las Vegas Raiders roster told me yesterday.

I was questioned by a different player: “Is he going to hurt us twice? What the heck? I don’t see it at all; that man (Mark) knows and understands us. He is one of us.
As I tweeted yesterday, Raider Nation is waiting for the figurative puff of white smoke to indicate that Mark Davis has been selected as the team’s permanent head coach. Davis has met all the conditions of the Rooney Rule.

Las Vegas Raiders fire coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave  Ziegler | NFL News | Sky Sports

The delay is a clear indication of how the Silver and Black make decisions.

Having worked with Mike Florio in the past, I can tell you that he doesn’t like that he is frequently the target of his comments on the NFL, even though his lightning-rod character doesn’t imply he isn’t well connected in the league.

Yes, he is. I know owners, executives, agents, and athletes who use his incredibly popular platform to interact with him and spread information.

Even while you may not always agree with Florio, you should never doubt his sincerity.

Florio discussed Pierce and the Raiders on his wildly popular PFT Live Podcast.

According to Florid: “Will Antonio Pierce have the chance to lead the Raiders as head coach going forward? Recently, Maxx Crosby, who genuinely wants him there, had some stern words. The Raiders, aside from the Patriots, are the first team to hire Jerod Mayo immediately due to contractual arrangements that, quite frankly, circumvent the Rooney Rule. The Raiders have now taken the ball to the tee and completed all required interviews in order to comply with the rule.

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