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Texas’s Frisco It dawned on me during the second of the Cowboys’ two OTA workouts when Mike McCarthy was asked what he thought of the 2024 schedule overall.

I had previously focused on the schedule, the three games in 11 days that included Thanksgiving, and the possibility of having just two road games during the winter weather starting on November 24.

And after giving it some more thinking, a week later, this is what should have hit me earlier about the schedule and the next season:

The Cowboys need to perform considerably better when traveling.

That is a fact; I’m not sure why it escaped my attention. glaringly

Why, after losing the 2022 season opener to Tampa Bay 19-3, the Cowboys went on to win 16 straight home games while finishing with a 12-5 record at AT&T Stadium. All of that before losing 48-32 to Green Bay at home in the first round of the playoffs.

However, the Cowboys went 4-5 when playing away from home in their five regular-season losses. The Cowboys are 8-9 on the road during the last two seasons, with the 2022 season finishing 12-5 as well. This means that nine of their previous ten regular-season losses have happened away from home.

Must improve. And when you think about it, they barely defeated the Chargers in Los Angeles, 20-17, in one of their four road victories from the previous season. Kicker Brandon Aubrey, a rookie


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