AC MILAN AND PUMA LAUNCH 2024/25 HOME KIT Made with Milanismo to celebrate the legacy….


Made with Milanismo to celebrate the legacy of the Rossoneri

PUMA Launch AC Milan 2019/20 Home Shirt - SoccerBible

The Club’s Home uniform for the 2024–2025 season was presented today by AC Milan and international sports brand PUMA, effortlessly fusing the team’s tradition with modern kit design. Nothing says football tradition like the red and black stripes of AC Milan, which have been associated with success, passion, and style from the field to the streets since 1899. After all, this city is the birthplace of eternal fashion.

The classic colors depicting a graphic representation of the human genome – the essence of Milanismo – meet red and black, football and family. It symbolizes the fervor that fans feel in their veins, a custom that has been handed down through the ages and worn by some of the best players to have ever played the game.

The 125 years of the Club are commemorated with a special patch on the back of the jersey, which will be featured on all PUMA kits this season. The iconic design of the new jersey, with its red and black stripes and white embellishments, is an homage to that legacy. This kit, which reflects PUMA’s design philosophy, is an homage to AC Milan’s enduring legacy as well as an iconic representation of modernity and heritage. A distinguishing element of this new uniform is the writing “Social Club Institution” on the inner collar, which highlights AC Milan’s position as a social and cultural institution dedicated to promoting constructive social change and represents the Club’s unwavering commitment to social causes.

Textile waste is the main source of material used in the RE:FIBRE process to make new textiles. RE:FIBRE is a longer-term solution for recovering polyester textile waste since the recycled material may be recycled again without losing quality. The Replica jersey, made with supporters in mind, combines a match-worn appearance with dry-CELL sweat-wicking technology to keep spectators dry and comfortable—even on the busiest matchdays. The Replica jersey, which is perfect for game day and everyday wear, is made from PUMA’s cutting-edge RE:FIBRE recycling technology and contains at least 95% recycled textile waste. It is not only a fashion statement but also a symbol of sustainability and sporting greatness, all of which are extremely important to the brand.

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