Jamaican Distance Runner Kemoy Campbell Retires, Opens Up About Terrifying Collapse because of..

Jamaican distance runner Kemoy Campbell announced his decision to retire from competitive running at 28 years old. The news comes just seven months after his heart stopped and he collapsed at the Millrose Games track meet in New York City.

“It’s with a heavy heart, or half of one rather. I must say goodbye to the sport. I will no longer be competing,” Campbell wrote on Instagram. “I have given my all to this sport. It has taken me to places I have never dreamt of going. It gave a shy boy from a rural area in Jamaica the opportunity to prove himself to the world. I believe I have done my part. I’ve represented myself, my family, my country proudly.”

Griffin Colapinto | MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal | WSL Advertisement is currently airing. While pacing during the men’s 3,000-meter event on Saturday, February 9th, Campbell stumbled and fell off the track. He remained unconscious for a few minutes until help arrived. He was given defibrillators before being carried off the track on a stretcher and brought to the intensive care unit at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Hospital across the street. On Monday, after being put under sedation and undergoing tests, he awoke in a stable state. Although the cause of his collapse remained unknown to the medical community, he was informed that he might have contracted a virus before the race.

On Saturday, Feb. 9th, Campbell collapsed shortly after stepping off the track while pacing during the men’s 3,000 metersand was unconscious for a few minutes before he received attention from emergency responders. Defibrillators were used on him before he was taken off the track on a stretcher and transported across the street to the ICU at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Hospital. He was sedated and

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