Wow: Indiana Siakam scores 25 early points after injury report….

Indiana Siakam scores 25 early points after halftime injury report

All things considered, the New York Knicks’ situation could have been worse

In the first game of the Eastern Conference Semifinal series at Madison Square Garden, the Indiana Pacers surged off to a 53-49 lead over the New York Knicks despite early troubles from its stars. Isaiah Hartenstein’s surprise three-pointer from beyond midcourt at the end of the second quarter gave New York a significant highlight and cut the deficit to two possessions heading into the half.

The Knicks would probably believe they had a sizable lead if they were informed that Tyrese Haliburton and Pascal Siakam would shoot a combined 5-of-12 from the field in the first half. Though the starters faltered, Indiana scored 27 points (10 from T.J. McConnell) on its own, demonstrating the value of having a deeper bench. Precious Achiuwa was given some playing time by the Knicks following his expulsion from the team for the final two games of the Philadelphia series. Despite this, he was the only player to score, with Miles McBride and Mitchell Robinson receiving the lone point between them.

Negative Offences (Rebounds)

Throughout the season, the Knicks have taken full advantage of second opportunities to atone for their transgressions. Nevertheless, they have only pulled down two offensive rebounds so far this game, and they have only scored three second chance points in the first half. With Joel Embiid out of the picture, the Knicks are doing a commendable job of avoiding foul trouble; in the opening 24 minutes, the Pacers have only reached the line three times.
Three out of Two Isn’t Bad

Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson clearly came to play, scoring 29 of the opening 49 points, so the Knicks need to support their Cats. Donte DiVincenzo missed his first four shots, but as soon as the first one fell, he started to push his way into the paint.

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