Update on Luka Doncic’s injury: The Dallas Mavericks player answers a query about….

The Boston Celtics have won the first two games of the 2024 NBA Finals on home court, which has proceeded largely as predicted. The Dallas Mavericks know that a victory will increase their chances of winning a title when they visit American Airlines Centre for Game 3 on Wednesday.

George and the Clippers host Dallas with 1-0 series lead
Luka Doncic’s fitness is critical to their chances. The Mavs’ standout player from Slovenia has led the team in scoring in both of their Finals games thus far, scoring over 30 points apiece. However, a thoracic contusion had him questionable heading of Game 2.
After the game, he was questioned about his level of fitness after playing through the chest injury he sustained in Boston: We spent the entire day playing as I always wanted to play.

Doncic appears to be returning to action on Wednesday after escaping injury in Game 2, which will be a huge boost for the Mavericks as they attempt to build a comeback.
Luka Doncic’s statistics demonstrate his exceptional abilities.

The 2024 Finals are expected to feature a matchup between Boston, a super team, and Luka Doncic’s extraordinary individual talents. Although the Mavericks’ season has not started as planned, nobody can argue with Doncic’s offensive numbers even on a losing club.
Only Michael Jordan has ever had a higher average of points per game (PPG) in the playoffs than Luka Doncic. Jordan (33.4 PPG) and Doncic (31.1 PPG) are the only two players who have averaged more than 30 points per game in the postseason.

Having participated in 47 NBA postseason games to far, Doncic’s playmaking abilities are equally remarkable. Doncic is the only player with more than eight assists per game among the ten players with the highest post-season PPG.
Doncic, however, stated during the game that he is accountable for the Game 2 defeat, saying, “At the end of the day, we’ve gotta make more shots.” I believe that we lost the game because of my missed free throws and missed shots, thus I need to improve greatly in those two areas. To win the game, we need to make more shots.”

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