wow: Redknapp predicts Postecoglou and identifies the main problem because of….

Harry Redknapp, a former Tottenham Hotspur manager, has shared his thoughts on Ange Postecoglou and what could transpire at the North London team in the upcoming season.

Ange Postecoglou’s first season at Tottenham was, in Harry Redknapp’s opinion, “very average,” but he also feels that any rift with the team’s supporters would quickly be forgotten.

On the eve of his debut season, the Australian team lost Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, but nevertheless, they finished fifth in the Premier League, which was better than Tottenham’s performance the year before he arrived. They also achieved more points, more goals scored, fewer goals conceded, and a new, more attacking style of play.
But a late slip during a difficult stretch meant Spurs missed the top four by two points, and Redknapp feels that, when combined with early eliminations from the domestic cups, it was a dismal year.

“I really enjoy Ange Postecoglou. He is really appealing to me. However, how do I feel about the season? Very mediocre, falling out early in both cups, and not placing in the top four with that team made for an extremely mediocre season. He was promoting the fantasy football game Sorare when he commented, “I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic season.”

“When the season first started, I honestly didn’t think Spurs would finish outside of the top four. I felt that the players and the squad would definitely finish in the top four this year and possibly even win a cup, but Tottenham lost both of their domestic competitions early on. I would be lying if I claimed that the season was fantastic. I couldn’t say that it was.”
Late in the season, Postecoglou caused some rifts with the Spurs supporters when he said he did not understand their desire for his club to lose to Manchester City in order to prevent Arsenal from having an advantage in the Premier League title race. Redknapp said that people will quickly forget about any disagreement.

“Any disagreement between Ange and the supporters will be forgotten very soon. It’s the same with everything; things go well when you’re winning, but when you lose a few games—boom! There is no middle ground in the game these days; as a manager, you are either great or useless,” he remarked.
It was, I believe, Graham Taylor who remarked, ‘Your manager’s usually somewhere in between, never as good as you think he is, or as horrible as you think he is. And with Ange, that’s very likely the case. After the first ten games, we can’t really commend the players and the quality of the football, just to turn on the manager and the team when they suddenly go on a losing streak.



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