Loss is totally on me’: Indiana Pacers head coach takes blame for Game 1 loss to…..

Loss is totally on me’: Indiana Pacers head coach takes blame for Game 1 loss to Boston Celtics in Eastern Conference Finals

in terms of standard time. Getty Images/Maddie Meyer CNN — After his team snatched defeat from the jaws of triumph in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday, Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle acknowledged that the club’s 133-128 overtime loss to the Boston Celtics was “totally on me.”

Indiana turned the ball over after an inbound pass to Pascal Siakam. Jaylen Brown made a costly error and paid for it with a three-pointer from the corner to tie the game at 117-117. Carlisle was left to lament the lost chance as the Celtics went on to win OT and take a series lead. “I think our lads fought really well in this game. This defeat is entirely my fault. After the game in Boston’s TD Garden, Carlisle told reporters, “We should have just taken the timeout, advanced the ball, and found a way to get it in with 10 seconds remaining in regulation.”

“Welcome to the NBA Playoffs,” reporters were informed by Brown. All you need to do is control your feelings during the game. Anything is possible. Until the last buzzer rings, the game is not done. Jrue Holiday contributed a career-high 28 points, seven rebounds, eight assists, and three steals to help the Celtics win. “We frequently witness bizarre incidents,” Holiday informed reporters. “In my opinion, we don’t consider a game lost until it is truly lost. We were able to withstand a great deal towards the end of the

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