Harvey positive for the next match


Harvey positive for the next match

Now that the international break is over, all focus is on the Royals’ Saturday matchup at Charlton Athletic.

The signing of The Break came at a good time, according to Harvey Knibbs, who scored a hat-trick against Swindon Town the last time out, and everyone is now prepared to go all out at The Valley.


Having never scored a hat-trick in his professional career to date, he said, “It was a nice little honor to receive, but I’m always working for the team.


Both individually and collectively, a break was required. It was beneficial for everyone to spend some time apart, reflect, and rejuvenate before this week.

“Training levels have been excellent, and it has been really beneficial. So, yes, we’ll be striving for success this coming weekend.

“I feel like we were right in the middle of the five away games this year. We simply need to be able to grind through these away games with a little bit more of a team effort.


“You can see the squad’s strength in the fact that we outperform the other teams when we rotate heavily for these Cup games.

“All of the Academy personnel should applaud themselves because this club has a wonderful collective and a lot of talent. The club definitely merits a Category One classification; therefore, I’m delighted it was restored this year.

“What is needed are players who are courageous and willing to take risks, like those who are emerging with us.


“I believe we are approaching a stage where we can get more reliable findings. Everything we’ve learned from this season’s beginning will serve us well if we can continue forward from here.

“We train each day for this reason. The reason we put in so much effort every day is because the match days are our favorite portion of the season. We can only hope that the performances are entertaining and productive.

Sam Smith, an Academy graduate and Knibbs’ teammate at Cambridge United, is expected to make his second appearance on Saturday in front of a loud away crowd. The forward has nothing but praise for both his strike partner and the fans.

“I am thrilled to have Sam back, and I really felt for his start,” Knibbs continued. Football injuries are one of the worst aspects of the game, yet they are unavoidable.


“I’ve seen the job he does on a daily basis, and I know he’ll be prepared to get back to work right away.

“Our relationship is significant because it is something we have developed through time.

“We’ve been playing together for three years, so I know every trick in his book, and he’s the same way with me.


“We shared the field once during preseason, and we worked together to score.


“Along with those relationships that everyone else will be building on the pitch now, it can really keep us going for the rest of the season.”


“The chant is really lovely, and the supporters really took to me quickly.

“As with any player, it’s a great feeling to hear your name sung throughout stadiums.

“I just wanted to offer them more opportunities to sing the song, so I can urge them to do so. They always travel nicely, so we know they will.


“I hope they are right behind us at Charlton so we can finally give them an away game to cheer about.”


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