Done Deal:Atlanta Braves Has Officially Announced The Signing Of Shohei htani

The Dodgers have made it no secret that they are aggressively going after two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani this free agency, and they remain the favorites to land him. The team has wanted him in Dodger Blue since he was in high school, and this is their chance to finally make it happen.Advertisement

are plenty of other teams who are positioning themselves to make a solid run at Ohtani, and the Dodgers will need to be ready. And you can now add one more team to the mix, and this one will scare Dodgers

MLB insider Steve Phillips of MLB Network is reporting that the Atlanta Braves are a realistic landing spot for the two-way superstar.“The ability to win on an annual basis. Is there any other team in baseball set up right now better than the Atlanta Braves?”Ohtani heading to Atlanta would be awful for the Dodgers, as the Braves are their direct competition at the top of the National League. They already are a great team, and adding in someone like Ohtani could make things very difficult for LA.

The biggest question is whether or not the Braves could afford to land Ohtani. They may be set up to win, but they haven’t shown a willingness to spend what it would take to get him.

Ohtani is expected to land the biggest contract in MLB history, with some insiders believing that he could get up to $600 million. Could Atlanta compete with that type of money? Nobody really knows.

Hopefully, we can get an answer about whether Ohtani will sign sooner rather than later. And hopefully, he ends up with the Dodgers when all is said and done.

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