Good news: Reading FC has returned form……

Wellings talks about her feelings after suffering an injury that kept her off the field for a long time. She also shares how excited she is to go back on the field and start scoring goals.

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“It’s been difficult, to be honest; I was obviously quite sad not to be able to get out on the pitch after suffering two different injuries one after another.

“I’m overjoyed to be back, and I’m hoping to start the season well by getting some more playing time this weekend.

“Having the girls by your side to support you through your injuries is tough, but it keeps you optimistic.” They never stopped asking how I was doing, and I believe it is really important for us athletes to have someone who looks out for each other during trying times.”

The forward position is one of the positions on the field where injuries have left the squad depleted. Wellings anticipates that her injury comeback will boost the team’s offensive capabilities in upcoming games.

“You always want to be scoring goals as a forward, and even more so as a player; you just want to be having fun.” It’s been difficult to observe from the sidelines and not take part.

“I need to make sure I am looking at and seeing where I can get involved and perhaps finish off some of these chances. We have been producing a lot of excellent chances, which is always a positive.

“It’s all about honing that final product and putting that striker’s mentality into the team, which will help them score some really crucial goals.”

With just three games left in 2023, Wellings is intent on finishing what has to be done and is eager to log some significant playing time.

“I played against Watford for about fifteen minutes right before the international break, which was great for me because it allowed me to get fitter, and I’m just really excited for our upcoming games.”

“Cheltenham will be a formidable opponent; we can’t undervalue them, even though it would be good to score several goals.

“We know that teams in the lower leagues frequently bring a really physical battle to their games, so they will be up for a massive fight against us. It’s important we get some goals and hopefully come away with the win.”

As we start the New Year, Wellings is still optimistic about the team’s performance and wants to generate momentum and rekindle their winning spirit.

In football, confidence can go a long way, so building it back is crucial for us.

“We need to have that mindset—that we need to win every game, whether it’s a friendly, cup, or league match—so that we can enter the next one with momentum and every game with that confidence and self-belief.”

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