SAD NEWS: Due to serious injuries, Kyle Hamilton, a key player, will miss the remainder of the season due to……

Ranking the Ravens’ best players in 2023: Lamar Jackson (who else?) leads the way in top 10.

Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton suffers knee injury vs. 49ers, but 'doesn't  look bad' – Baltimore Sun

Starting with quarterback Lamar Jackson, any examination of the Ravens’ chances to win the Super Bowl this season—or any season, really—must begin. Any list of the team’s best players would also do this.
But after that number one? That’s the point of complexity. Like many teams, the Ravens have a few promising players at key positions, good players at less critical positions, and potential stars with questionable medical histories.
The Baltimore Banner ranked the top players on the 2023 roster according to their expected impact prior to the start of the Ravens training camp this month. Nos. 20–11 were revealed on Monday. These are the top ten.

10. Kicker Justin Tucker

Tucker is almost unmatched in his dominance at the position. He has been named to the Associated Press’s first or second team All-Pro every year for the last seven seasons, and he has only missed nine field goals from less than 50 yards out. Even though Tucker completed the season with his lowest field-goal accuracy (86%) since 2015 (going 37 for 43), the Ravens were still second in Football Outsiders’ rankings for both field-goal and extra-point efficiency.

However, Tucker’s value may be somewhat reduced under the NFL’s new kickoff rule, which states that a fair catch results in possession at a team’s 25-yard line regardless of where it is fielded. Tucker is now skilled at lofting kickoffs that land close to the goal line rather than blasting them into the end zone, which enables the Ravens’ coverage unit to pin opponents inside their 20. Tucker is a skilled enough kicker to be able to find a way around the new rule, but it won’t be simple.

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