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An Introduction to Morgan Rogers
Is Ashley Young the Championship winger who was signed in January? N

Rogers, and let’s hope he makes the same kind of difference for the club as the previously mentioned servant. It’s time to check up with Villa’s main January window

acquisition, who made his debut for the team at Villa Park this past weekend.

This is a short, in-depth guide about Villa’s signing.

Born in Halesowen in July 2002, Morgan Elliot Rogers was once a footballer for West Bromwich Albion Academy. Although there are a number of those at Villa, Rogers is positioned to be the most well-known.

Rogers has attended both the Baggies academy and the Manchester City FFP factory for young players. The latter signed him after he impressed them in an FA Youth Cup semifinal.

After competing against Villa in the senior Cup, Unai Emery now has him on board.

Prior to signing a permanent contract with Middlesbrough in July 2023, Rogers had previously played for Lincoln City, Bournemouth, and Blackpool.

Being more of a physical presence than most quick wingers or forwards, Rogers—an England U20 international—stands over six feet tall and possesses a respectable turn of speed.

The eight million pounds, which might increase to fifteen million, is a reasonable investment for an Aston Villa squad that is allegedly subject to FFP restrictions.

25% of the purchase was owing to Manchester City, and it’s unclear if Rogers is a major contributor or just a wise financial move for the long term. Just like cryptocurrency, everything in the future can change.

When it comes to the modern front three, he prefers to operate on the left side and cut in on the right when needed. A neat and assured finish versus Chelsea at Stamford Bridge served as a consolation goal.

Playing anywhere around the front three is a useful ability to have because it’s very much the role of the modern attacker.

However, Villa is strong in this area, as evidenced by record acquisition Moussa Diaby, who can play a variety of roles.

Why, in fact? Is it a matter of hoarding a potential asset, someone Unai Emery truly admires after seeing him up close, or is it only a way to protect Ollie Watkins in upcoming seasons?

It’s a little bit of all three, in my opinion. Given his academic background and similarity in appearance to Watkins, Morgan Rogers should maintain or even surpass his worth.

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