SO SAD : Atlanta Braves Coaching Staff announced why he was fired….

“Unreplaceable” Ron Washington left the Braves after being hired: “A huge loss for us.

I turned up the volume on The Meters’ 1974 album “Rejuvenation” before I sat down to write about Ron Washington and the immense void his departure leaves in the Atlanta Braves organization. Since “Wash” is a native of New Orleans and enjoys the city’s cuisine and music, he is regarded as a beloved and respected figure in his field, much like The Meters are in theirs. In the same way as “Rejuvenation,” Ron Washington is an absolute classic.
But he doesn’t need rejuvenation per se at seventy-one. Not even close. Tell them they don’t know the man if they claim that his hiring on Wednesday to manage the Los Angeles Angels will revitalize Washington.

I wish luck to the individual who replaces Washington, whether they are hired from outside the company or promoted from within.
Without a doubt, Anthopoulos stated, “We’re not going to be able to replace Wash.” “I doubt that anyone could. In a different interview, I stated this. The best way to put it was when Joe Davis, the broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers, mentioned how people would say, “Oh, you’re replacing Vin Scully.” No, he (Scully) trailed behind. And I believe that Washington will simply be followed by someone.
During a prearranged interview session on Wednesday at the general managers’ meetings in Scottsdale, Arizona, Anthopoulos made those remarks. The first questions concerned the hiring that had been announced just minutes earlier in Washington. A little earlier in the day, Anthopoulos had learned of this and


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