News Now: Arrest warrant issued for Chiefs’ Wide Receiver Rashee Rice after…

After the Dallas crash, Rashee Rice of the Chiefs had an arrest warrant issued.

Rashee Rice, a wide receiver with the Chiefs, had a warrant issued for him due to his role in a multi-car incident in Dallas on March 30, according to a WFAA story on Wednesday.

A warrant has been issued for Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice.

Rice, 23, is accused of eight counts in connection with the incident on U.S. 75. The allegations include six counts of bodily injury collision, one act of serious bodily injury collision, and one count of aggravated assault.

According to WFAA, the NFL receiver will have a day to turn himself in.

When Rice will be brought into jail is unknown, though.

Last week, Royce West, the attorney for Rice, informed reporters that Rice had revealed to the police that he was the driver of the Lamborghini SUV that was involved in the collision that left four persons injured, along with Rice’s Corvette.

“He’s a young man that made a mistake,” West told reporters.

He added that Rice “will do everything in his power to bring their life back to as normal as possible in terms of injuries, in terms of property damage.”

The Lamborghini was listed as being rented by the Chiefs’ wideout from The Classic Lifestyle, Kyle Coker, an attorney for the company, said.

creen grab taken from dash camera video provided by Bill Nabors, two speeding sports cars, left and second from left, cause a chain-reaction crash on the North Central Expressway, in Dallas.

The driver of the Corvette, Theodore Knox, is also facing the same charges as Rice, according to the TV station.

Six cars were involved in the collision, which happened at 6:30 p.m. local time on 75 northbound. The Corvette and Lamborghini were speeding when they lost control of their vehicles.

Rashee Rice's attorney state Sen. Royce West speaks alongside attorney Craig Capua during a news conference regarding a crash.

Six persons were in the two cars when they were reported missing by the police. The report stated that marijuana, credit cards, a check, a diamond chain, and a Chiefs playbook were discovered in both cars.

The collision resulted in the hospitalization of two persons.

Rice stated last week in a statement that he accepted “full responsibility for my part in this matter” and that he was assisting the Dallas police with their investigation.

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